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Transformative weekends for women in Sedona, AZ

For millennia, the desert has been a place of transformation. Ancient texts call the desert the place of divine revelation. But, according to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of our sacred text Women Who Run With the Wolves, life in the desert mimics the lives of many women. It is a place where most of what occurs goes on underground.

So it was for me when I was first called to Sedona at the beginning of 2021. The year before was especially hard - it was hard for all of us in different and similar ways. I closed 2020 feeling depleted yet determined. I wanted to find myself again, to heal the wounds that were weighing me down, to break free from negative beliefs and old narratives that no longer fit who I was or wanted to be. I wanted clarity and a new, more hopeful vision for my future. I wanted to rest so that I could feel alive again.

If you know my story, you know that Sedona's energy captured me and I returned again and again, feeling more alive and free with every visit. Sedona offered me the container I needed to dive inward and explore my interior world so that I could gather what had been lost and reclaim what was mine (my hopes, desires, longings). Sedona connected me to the earth and, in turn, to myself, and I knew that someday I'd gather other women with me so that they could experience the same.

In June of 2023, that dream came true. Ten of us gathered for the inaugural #sedona2023 retreat and magic was made. Each person came with her unique intentions: to find stillness and presence, to not feel so alone, to gain discernment around tough decisions, to explore her priorities, to find herself again, to be in nature, to slow down, to listen to herself, to expand, to feel embodied. It didn't matter what called each of them to the desert. Just that they showed up.

And in showing up, and showing up together, we created an alchemy that turned our collective heartache, stress, confusion, weariness, and disconnect into something transformative. I'd dare say, something divine.

Image by Jared Johnson
“If you are feeling the pull, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to go. Everything was so consciously curated; nothing forced. Permission granted to listen to yourself and join in activities if you wanted or to stay back and just relax and reflect. It made me wish that every day could be like that.”

Each retreat is a bit different depending on the year's theme but overall, they all offer the following:




There are a number of different hikes and excursions offered throughout the weekend with the understanding that each woman gives herself what she needs. It's a make-your-own-adventure, if you want it to be, or you can follow the adventure already planned out for you. The best of both worlds.

Sedona 2024 is June 13-16 and is sold out.


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