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Hi, I'm Kristine

I'm a therapist and writer exploring what it means to break free and come home: to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth

Kristine Galli

Therapy, Coaching, Retreats

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Individual therapy for women

in IN, MI, and AZ

One-on-one coaching for women

in any state or country

Retreats for women

in Sedona, AZ

Kristine Galli


My defining roles are Therapist, Writer, and Mother. I co-own a therapy and wellness practice in South Bend, IN, and lead retreats for women in Sedona, AZ. As a woman who has done my fair share of leaving - my home state of CA, the religion I grew up in, my marriage - I'm curious about the "shoulds" that govern our lives, the trauma we inherit and endure, and the relationships we reckon with. I have deep Scorpio energy (and nary a shallow end) but I love a good, irreverent joke and whole weekends spent in my sweatpants.

What I'm working on

What happens when the protection you employ to keep yourself alive becomes the very thing that makes you wish you were dead?

My debut memoir is about how being ghosted three and a half months into my first relationship post-divorce brought me face-to-face with unprocessed grief from the disappearance and murder of my uncle when I was 14 and the ways I fought to bring at least one of them back from the dead. It’s a book about trauma bonds and the lasting effects of complex trauma, the protections we employ that eventually become our cages, and the courage it takes to heal.

Writing in progress

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