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The desert is calling

For millennia, the desert has been a place of transformation. Ancient texts call the desert the place of divine revelation. But, according to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of our sacred text Women Who Run With the Wolves, life in the desert mimics the lives of many women. It is a place where most of what occurs goes on underground.

So it was for me when I was first called to Sedona in the very beginning of 2021. The year before was especially hard - it was hard for all of us in different and similar ways. I closed 2020 feeling depleted yet determined. I wanted to find myself again, to heal the wounds that were weighing me down, to break free from negative beliefs and old narratives that no longer fit who I was or wanted to be. I wanted clarity and a new, more hopeful vision for my future. I wanted to rest so that I could feel alive again.

If you know my story, you know that Sedona's energy captured me and I returned again and again, feeling more alive and free with every visit. Sedona offered me the container I needed to dive inward and explore my interior world so that I could gather what had been lost and reclaim what was mine (my hopes, desires, longings - my worth!). Sedona connected me to the earth and, in turn, to myself - and I knew that someday I'd gather other women with me so that they could experience the same.

In June of 2023, that dream came true. Ten of us gathered for the inaugural #sedona2023 retreat and magic was made. Each person came with her own unique intentions: to find stillness and presence, to not feel so alone, to gain discernment around tough decisions, to explore her priorities, to find herself again, to be in nature, to slow down, to listen to herself, to expand, to feel embodied. It didn't matter what called each of them to the desert. Just that they showed up.

And in showing up, and showing up together, we created an alchemy that turned our collective heartache, stress, confusion, weariness, and disconnect into something transformative. I'd dare say, something divine.

The desert is calling us again. Are you ready to show up?

What you can expect

Sedona 2024 will be what you need it to be. The itinerary is designed to allow for maximum flexibility but here's what you can expect to be offered:​

REST - Our accommodations at the Sedona Nest - aka: Luxury Camp - include four bedrooms and three bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor dining table perfect for sharing meals together, a kitchen made for conversations over coffee, and a backyard that beckons you from the moment you lay eyes on it. Complete with hammocks (yes, more than one), a yoga deck, fire pit, enough lounge seating for everyone to spread out, hot tub, and breathtaking views of the Red Rocks.  You won't want to leave, that I promise you.

COMMUNITY - There is something magical that happens when women come together. When we open our hearts and share our stories, we remind each other that we're not alone. We take care of one another. We create safe spaces for vulnerability. And we mirror back to each other our own best parts and good hearts. Someone from Sedona 2023 described it as an "intimate cocoon." You know, the kind where transformation happens.

TIME IN NATURE - Whether you come along for the group hikes, choose your own, or just claim your spot in one of the hammocks at the Nest, you'll get plenty of time in and around the powerful vortexes Sedona is known for. Bare feet recommended.

CLARITY + CONNECTION - There will be time and space, both on the hikes and at the Nest, for you to dig deep, gain clarity, and reconnect with yourself. Yoga will be offered both mornings, we'll open our time together with a sound healing ceremony, and you'll be provided with a workbook full of writing prompts, meditations, and activities for going deeper. We'll set intentions on our first night together and check in throughout the weekend. I'll be available for questions, support, and suggestions as well. 

RELEASE - One of my favorite, and most helpful, rituals is letting go. And not just letting go in a metaphorical sense. In a real, tangible, set it on fire and watch it burn kind of way. That's right. We're going to end our time together with a fire ceremony. Releasing what no longer belongs - all those negative beliefs, old stories that hold us back, rules and boxes we've been constrained by - so that we can call in more of what we've been longing for. 

NOURISHMENT - You will be nourished in every sense: mind, body, and soul. But yes, you will be fed well. Meals will be provided by our own personal chef and our fridge will be stocked with snacks (maybe even some of your favorites). Plus, you'll have plenty of coffee, tea, and refreshments as well as hiking sustenance you can bring with you on our excursions. 

Our itinerary



4:00 PM Arrival

5:30 PM Welcome Dinner

7:00 PM Opening Sound Healing Ceremony



6:00 AM Sunrise Hike

8:00 AM Yoga

Group Hike

Free Time

6:00 PM Dinner

9:00 PM Stargazing Tour



8:00 AM Yoga

Group Hike

Free Time

6:00 PM Dinner

9:00 PM Closing Fire Ceremony





8:00 AM Breakfast + Goodbyes

9:00 AM Check-out

*Itinerary is subject to change and will become more detailed in the coming months

Our Nest

When I first saw the Sedona Nest advertised, I knew it was our spot. The owner, Stacey, describes her experience of Sedona as "love at first sight." She gets it. And she's created an incredible space for others to fall in love too. She calls it a log home but Sedona 2023 deemed it "Luxury Camp."  Walking into it for the first time took my breath away. 

There's plenty of room for everyone to spread out, both inside and out. Four separate rooms for sleeping, 9 beds, 3 baths, and over an acre of outdoor space. Breathtaking views of the Red Rocks were non-negotiable and the Nest does not disappoint. Plus, I always love staying in homes that feel like they've been pulled from my dreams and this home is absolutely that. Did I mention the hot tub?




What's included

I want this to be a choose-your-own-adventure weekend. Stick to the itinerary. Do your own thing entirely. Add on services and activities. The goal is to make it exactly what you need it to be. Here's what's included in the retreat cost:

  • Lodging

  • All meals

  • Snacks + unlimited coffee, tea, and refreshments

  • Yoga classes Friday + Saturday mornings

  • Opening sound healing ceremony

  • An official stargazing tour 

  • Closing fire ceremony 

  • A curated guide to Sedona

  • Sedona 2024 workbook for going deeper

  • And some extras you'll just have to be surprised by...

During our built-in free time, you can choose to relax at the Nest, explore Sedona on your own, or book an additional service.

I'm happy to help you create a personalized itinerary and work with you to make the appropriate reservations. Some ideas include:

All add-on activities will be separate from the retreat cost and paid by you to the practitioner directly. Of course, there are plenty of other places offering plenty of other services. I'll work with you to find exactly what you're looking for!

The investment

The total retreat cost includes your lodging, all meals, snacks, coffee/tea/refreshments, 

yoga both mornings, our opening sound healing ceremony, an official stargazing tour,

the closing fire ceremony, and a curated Sedona guide, workbook, and gift bag

Total investment $1715

There are three lodging options to choose from. The benefit of registering early is that you get to choose first.

Which one will you choose?

Upstairs Loft


Semi-private Suite

*Solo total cost $1990 / shared total cost $1440


A-Frame Room

They're all so special. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

Who is this for?

YOU. This retreat is for you.


If, after reading the description for this retreat, you feel a tug in your gut then this retreat is for you. As I said above, it doesn't matter whether your intention is to rest, find clarity, or reconnect with yourself. It doesn't matter whether you always wanted to visit Sedona or you've been a number of times. It doesn't even matter if you've been on this retreat before. If you want to be there, I want you there.

I know it can be scary to say yes to these sorts of things but if yes is what you're whispering to yourself then I encourage you to trust yourself and take the leap. Every decision I've made from that deep, inner knowing has changed my life in powerful ways.

Who is this for? Sedona 2024 is for anyone ready to answer the desert's call.

Need more encouragement?

One last thing

I know how valuable both your time and money are. I also know what a privilege it is to travel and spend time in beautiful places. I know what a privilege peace is in the midst of worldwide chaos and destruction. But I believe that rest is revolutionary. Or, as Tricia Hersey says: Rest is Resistance. Especially as women living under patriarchy, taking time for ourselves is a way for us to come back to what we know, long for, and believe in. When we connect with ourselves, we connect with the earth (and vice versa) and that, in turn, creates a symbiosis the world desperately needs. We also need each other. God do we need each other.

Because it's important that I acknowledge my own privilege as a white woman, I'm offering a discount to BIPOC attendees this year.

If you are a BIPOC woman interested in registering for the retreat, please reach out to me directly at the email address below.


Consider this your official invitation to Sedona 2024. I cannot wait to see you there.

Additional details

Please read the CANCELLATION POLICY in full before submitting your registration

If you have questions or need clarification on anything, please contact me by email at

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