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Image by Patrick Perkins


June 8 to 11

Is the desert calling?

I'm not sure why you're interested in Sedona 2023. Is it the chance to get away, relax, and reset? The opportunity for community and new friends? Is it the expectation of fun and adventure? The lure of the landscape? Or maybe it's the promise of growth and expansion, clarity and connection?

I don't know why you'd want to join me on this retreat. But here's what I do know.

On January 1, 2021, I woke up in Arizona full of hope and expectation. I wasn't sure what the week would hold but I knew I wouldn't leave the same person that I came. 2020 was the hardest year of my life. I struggled through heartbreak, health issues, single parenting, the stresses of starting a new business, a global pandemic. My most vivid memory of the year was sitting at my meditation table sobbing - crying so hard I was sure the neighbors would call the police. I felt lonely, broken, and lost. When the year came to a close, I knew I had to do something. So, I started researching energetically powerful places in the United States - places that had the power to heal. A friend suggested Sedona and something in me clicked. I booked my trip for January 1st, for the new year and a new start.

I returned in February. And again in April of that year. 


It's not an exaggeration to tell you that Sedona healed me. Every Red Rock trail I climbed connected me closer to the earth, to the energy captured in its mountain peaks, to ancestral wisdom and clarity, and ultimately, to myself. I searched for peace and found it.

I searched for aliveness and found it.

I searched for myself and found her.

What I do know is that the desert called me. I said yes. And my life was changed.

What you can expect

Sedona 2023 will be what you need it to be. This weekend is about following your instincts and inner wisdom so I've designed the retreat to allow you to choose what you need. Here's what will be offered:​

REST - Jaw-dropping home accommodations at the Sedona Nest, a newly renovated luxury log cabin complete with four separate bedrooms and three bathrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and over an acre of backyard bliss with breathtaking views, a yoga deck, fire pit, and hot tub. Imagine getting as much sleep as you want, sipping your coffee while you gaze out at Bell Rock, and ending your night under one of the most expansive night skies you've ever seen.

COMMUNITY - Join a small group of women who, like you, are following their own inner nudges to the desert. You'll hike together, eat together, and learn together. You'll be inspired by one another's stories, commitments, and insights. There is nothing like women coming together and, trust me, this is going to be an incredible group.

TIME IN NATURE - Hike with me, hike with a buddy, hike on your own. Don't hike at all. Go find a rock and soak up that vitamin D. Play in the creek. Claim your spot under a tree in our backyard. Place your bare feet on the earth. You'll be provided with a list of hikes and directions on how to get there (or, get to the shuttle which will take you there). Or, you can follow along with my itinerary and hike some of my favorites with me. 

CLARITY + CONNECTION - So many opportunities to dig deep, gain clarity, and get reconnected with yourself. Yoga will be offered at the Nest, you'll have the option to book additional services like aura photos, chakra balancing, or psychic readings. Plus, you'll be provided with a number of prompts to sit with or journal on as well as suggestions for deepening your hikes or meditations. We'll set intentions on our first night together and check in throughout the weekend. I'll be available for questions, support, and suggestions as well. 

RELEASE - One of my favorite, and most helpful, rituals is letting go. And not just letting go in a metaphorical sense. In a real, tangible, set it on fire and watch it burn kind of way. That's right. We're going to end our time together with a fire ceremony. Releasing what no longer belongs - all those negative beliefs, those old stories that hold us back, the rules and boxes we've been longing to break free from - so we can call in what's right and true and good. 

NOURISHMENT - In every sense, mind, body, and soul. But yes, you will be fed well. Three dinners will be provided by Chef Nate of Thyme and Travel, grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks will be available to you at all times, and you'll have plenty of coffee, tea, and refreshments at The Nest. I did it this way because, well, for one, I want to be able to visit some of my favorite eateries (which will all be included in your Sedona Guide) and two, I didn't want to restrict the itinerary to mealtimes.

Our itinerary



4:00 PM Arrival

5:30 PM Welcome Dinner

7:00 PM Opening Ceremony



6:00 AM Sunrise Hike

9:00 AM Yoga

Morning hike

Additional bookings

Afternoon hike

6:00 PM Dinner

Stargazing @ Bell Rock



9:00 AM Yoga

Morning hike

Massage bookings

Afternoon hike + creek excursion

6:00 PM Dinner

Closing fire ceremony





8:00 AM Breakfast + Goodbyes

9:00 AM Check-out

*Itinerary is subject to change and will become more detailed in the coming months

Our Nest

When I first saw the Sedona Nest, I knew it was our spot. The owner, Stacey, describes her experience of Sedona as "love at first sight." So, she knows. And she's created an incredible space for others to fall in love too. She calls it a log home but it demands the word "luxury" in front. This newly renovated, luxury log home is located in The Village of Oak Creek, which, interestingly, is where I stayed on my first trip. I love this area of Sedona. It has a locals feel to it, it's away from the typical downtown traffic, and it's minutes away from Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Faye Canyon (some of my favorites).

There's plenty of room for everyone to spread out, both inside and out. Four separate rooms for sleeping, 9 beds, 3 baths, and over an acre of outdoor space. Breathtaking views of the Red Rocks were a non-negotiable and the Nest does not disappoint. Plus, I always love staying in homes that feel like they've been pulled from my dreams and this home is absolutely that. Did I mention the hot tub?




What's included

I want this to be a choose-your-own-adventure weekend. Stick to the itinerary. Do your own thing entirely. Add on services and activities. The goal is to make it exactly what you need it to be. Here's what's included in the base retreat cost:

  • Lodging

  • All three dinners

  • Grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks 

  • Coffee, tea, and refreshments

  • Yoga classes led by Aumbase Sedona Friday + Saturday mornings

  • Special sound healing opening ceremony led by Rachel Farabaugh of Bohemian Dreamer

  • Closing fire ceremony 

  • A curated guide to Sedona

  • Sedona 2023 workbook for going deeper

  • And some extras you'll just have to be surprised by...

What kinds of activities can you add on, you ask? The possibilities are endless, really. I'm happy to help you create a personalized itinerary and work with you to make the appropriate reservations. Some ideas include:

All add-on activities will be separate from the retreat cost and paid by you to the practitioner directly. Of course, there are plenty of other places offering plenty of other services. I'll work with you to find exactly what you're looking for!

The investment

Investment varies according to lodging choice. Note that rooms/beds are first come, first serve. 

Price listed is the total cost, not cost per night.


Here's the breakdown:


Ground floor Master bedroom - $885 

*includes King bed, private bath with shower and tub, + private balcony

*King bed can be shared for $442.50/pp

Upstairs loft bunk bed  - $425

*includes 2 bunk beds + shared bath

Semi-private suite - $810

*includes King bed, shared bath, + sitting area

*King bed can be shared for $405/pp

A-frame double bed - $418

*includes 3 double beds + shared bath


Includes 3 dinners, grab-and-go breakfasts + snacks, coffee/tea/refreshments, yoga,

opening + closing ceremonies, a curated Sedona guide, workbook for going deeper, + gift bag

TOTAL INVESTMENT = Lodging choice + base retreat cost

Additional cost considerations include airfare, transportation, any additional meals you eat out, and a

Red Rocks pass if you're parking at a trailhead and not taking the shuttle ($5/day but the shuttle is free)

Who is this for?

YOU. This retreat is for you.


I heard from so many of you that you've been craving focused and intentional time away. Rest and rejuvenation. A place where you can gather with other like-minded and like-hearted women. Space for you to get clear on who you are, what you want, and where you're going. Magic that you can't adequately explain in words.

If something resonates within you as you read through these words, pause for a moment and listen. What do you need? What do you want? What are you longing for? I know it can be scary to say yes to these sorts of things but if yes is what you're whispering then I encourage you to trust yourself and take the leap. Every decision I've made from that deep, inner knowing has changed my life in powerful ways.

Who is this for? Sedona 2023 is for anyone hearing the desert call.

One last thing

I've wanted to plan a retreat for years now. In fact, I planned two that were derailed by the pandemic. In addition to being possibly the most Type A person you've ever met, I used to be a wedding planner in Chicago (yes, in addition to being a therapist). So, I think it's safe to say I've got this. But I don't take this role lightly. I know how significant it is to put your trust in someone to plan a weekend away - and not just any weekend away, a weekend you're hoping will be transformational. While you're in charge of the transformation part, I promise to do my absolute best to create an environment conducive to it. I'm honored to be your guide, facilitator, and planner. Truly. This is a dream come true for me and I hope will be for you as well.

Consider this your official invitation to Sedona 2023. I cannot wait to see you there.

Additional details

Please read the CANCELLATION POLICY in full before submitting your registration

If you have questions or need clarification on anything, please contact me by email at

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