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111 New Ways to Cheer Yourself On

How you speak to yourself matters.

Our thoughts affect how we feel and our feelings affect how we act. If you're constantly berating yourself for messing up or telling yourself you're not smart enough, capable enough, or good enough, the feelings you feel (down, deflated, discouraged) are going to assure you stay hiding under the covers of your life instead of leaping out of bed towards your dreams.

If you want to stay motivated to tackle your goals, you have to think motivating thoughts.

If you want to dream bigger dreams, you have to believe that what you wish for is possible.

If you want to revive your life, you have to tell yourself that you're worth a life of meaning, joy, and purpose.

When you're stuck in old thought patterns, it can be really difficult to think of new, more positive thoughts. At least ones that don't feel cheesy and contrived. Plus, I find that my affirmations tend to get stale after awhile and lose some of their punch so I often need to add new ammunition to my positive self-talk arsenal.

That's why I created this resource to help you get started. It's a (long) list of 111 positive affirmations. You can pick ones you like and start using them right away or you can use them as a starting off point to create your own.

Speaking of getting started, here are 3 ways you can use this tool to help you become your own best cheerleader:

1. Set reminders on your phone to alert you throughout the day

Use your reminders app on your phone and set a time to be alerted throughout the day of 5 different affirmations (I set mine at 9:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and 8:00pm). When the alert goes off, repeat the affirmation to yourself 5 times (or more!) and feel the emotions it brings up for you (comforted, empowered, energized, loved, confident, capable -- you get the point).

2. Place affirmation notes around your house

Write different affirmations and put them in places you see every day. Your bathroom mirror, closet door, kitchen cabinet where you keep the coffee mugs. Use sticky notes or index cards, get creative or stay simple -- whatever works for you.

3. Frame your favorites as home or office decor

Choose the ones that really speak to you, create a graphic image (I like Canva for this), print it out, and frame it. Then put it somewhere in your home or office to double as decor and a personal reminder to practice thinking those positive thoughts.

Do you have other ideas? How would you use these affirmations? I'd love to hear -- share your ideas in the comments!

And don't forget to go here to download your copy!



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